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Work as a Travel Nurse in Iowa

If you’re ready for a change of scenery and a change in your nursing career, why not spend some time researching the tremendous opportunities that are available as a traveling nurse? There are many benefits of being a travel nurse including a higher salary, a flexible schedule, lots of short-term assignments, safe living accommodations and other corporate-style benefits.

While you’re in the mood for change, why not inquire about a travel nursing job in Iowa, home of the famous Winnebago and of Quaker Oats? When you’re not working as a travel nurse, visit the National Balloon Museum and learn about the 200-year history of ballooning. Or visit Spirit Lake, an enormous lake that was formed by a glacier. Or visit Kaloma, a large Amish village that is located west of the Mississippi. You’ll find plenty to do in Iowa after your travel nurse shift is over.

Good news! Travel nurse positions are available in all of the fifty states. Better news! The demand for travel nurses is present in all areas of specialty: ICU nurses, Pediatric nurses, oncology nurses, OR and ER nurses, so don’t worry that you don’t have the right experience.

It’s easy to find out more about travel nurse jobs. If you’ve got experience as a nurse and have a good work history, simply submit your resume and indicate the areas you’re interesting in finding work as a travel nurse. If Iowa sounds like a good opportunity, your travel nurse employment counselor will work with you to find a suitable position.

Iowa Travel Nursing Jobs

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